AMS is known for our commitment to sustainability

Every client meeting and event that AMS plans is designed to create the most dynamic atmosphere in which attendees can foster key relationships and produce great work while having fun and enjoying time together.  Underpinning the high-quality events that AMS is known for is our commitment to sustainability and thoughtful resource management.  

Our sustainability initiatives such as using meeting materials made from sustainable materials instead of plastic; recycling and repurposing meeting signs and badges are just a few ways that we eliminate waste and reduce overhead for our clients.  We’ve also streamlined our meeting tool kits to reduce shipping costs and our carbon footprint. We use in-house online tools to reduce excess paper use.  And as part of our meeting and event venue evaluation criteria we request that venues provide certified sustainability plans, waste management and recycling plans, and locally sourced food options.  Our event contracts stipulate that venues provide reusable cups and glasses, dinnerware and eliminate single-use plastics.

By implementing these and other sustainability measures, AMS and our clients can feel good about making a meaningful and lasting contribution to the health of our environment.

AMS is committed to provide the highest level of service in all aspects of our work.  If you have ideas about how we can improve, drop us a line! We welcome your feedback.

The AMS Sustainability policy is viewable here.

AMS is committed to endorsing the Events Industry Council Sustainable Event Standards
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