Alissa Cooper Testimonial

Over many years of working with AMS, I’ve been consistently impressed by their ability to deliver quality services with an unparalleled human touch. They adapt and evolve to the needs and culture of each organization they work with like no other service provider I’ve seen. It’s been a joy to work with them and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

–Alissa Cooper, IETF Chair 2017-2021

Dave Ward Testimonial

I highly recommend AMS to other organizations that need a skilled, professional team to provide logistics, operations and tooling services. They really understand how to work with an organization and tune their services to the cultural and business needs of the customer.

– Dave Ward, Senior VP, Chief Architect, and Engineering CTO, Cisco

Russ Housley Testimonial

We felt that AMS offered the best solution for the IETF. AMS offered a strong combination of association management experience and opportunities for innovation.

– Russ Housley, IETF Chair (2007- 2013)

Suresh Krishnan Testimonial

AMS staff ensures that the key committee functions run smoothly and without any hitches. They keep on top of their many responsibilities with professionalism and grace. Lot of times, I have found that they anticipate our needs and meet them, even before we explicitly ask for them.

Suresh Krishnan, Chief Technology Officer at Kaloom

Aaron Falk Testimonial

I think AMS’s IT does a fantastic job. They always respond promptly with a “how can I solve your problem” attitude. I only wish every IT department I work with was as responsive and professional.

–Aaron Falk, Akamai

Adrian Marcu Testimonial

A great support team focused on GSA’s goals has been invaluable in guiding GSA and allowing us to focus on standards development rather than administration. AMS has been a key factor in our achieving success.

– Adrian Marcu, Vice President, Global Technical Architecture, IGT

Jim McEachern Testimonial

I have been consistently impressed with the professionalism, integrity, and contribution I have seen. AMS knows how to harness the initial enthusiasm, guide the formation of an efficient organization, and then work with a forum as it evolves.

— Jim McEachern, President, MSF Forum

Alon Maor Testimonial

AMS provides exceptional support and has consistently demonstrated they are dedicated to the SVA’s success.

– Alon Maor, CEO, Founder, Qwilt

David Price Testimonial

AMS’s support, detail management and leadership during the formation of our forum was exceptional.

— David Price, Vice President, Ericsson.

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