CalSAE Seasonal 2022 DEI Session

From Theory to Tactics:  Diverse, Inclusive, and Effective Accommodations for Associations
A comprehensive DEI strategy that is representative of the industry you serve should be integrated into your association’s infrastructure. But, knowing how to develop such a DEI strategy that is integrated across programs, events, and advocacy efforts can be overwhelming. Fear not! Learn from a panel of association professionals who are walking the walk with DEI initiatives at their organizations. Hear how to mitigate common challenges and gain actionable steps to move your own conscious inclusion and accommodation efforts forward.

View the recorded session on our YouTube channel.

Resources from the panelists and CalSAE:


Contact details:
Tiffany K. Martin
TKMartin Consulting LLC
LinkedIn: Tiffany K. Martin

 CalSAE’s DEI Curating Resources subcommittee

CalSAE’s DEI Curating Resources subcommittee

Click the link below to download various resources that the subcommittee collected. CalSAE_CuratingDEIResourcesList


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