From Our Clients


“I have worked closely with AMS and in particular with the Executive Director when they transitioned to take over secretariat duties at the IETF and provide new infrastructure tooling. I was impressed by the whole team’s ability to quickly assimilate and integrate into the unique organizational culture of the IETF and the critical role that IETF plays in the industry. Through the transition and once up and running, AMS was providing recommendations for process improvements while working hard to understand where services were most needed to make the leadership team and SDO more effective. AMS also knows how to run a very effective conference/event and makes it look easy. I highly recommend AMS to other organizations that need a skilled, professional team to provide logistics, operations and tooling services. They really understand how to work with an organization and tune their services to the cultural and business needs of the customer.”

— Dave Ward, Senior VP, Chief Architect, and Engineering CTO, Cisco

“We have been working with AMS for many years now and we continue to be impressed by their professionalism and high ethical standards. Our Executive Director is well respected by our leadership and we rely on her expertise for strategic guidance, policy development and financial management. AMS has been a great resource and has been flexible, adjusting to our needs, guiding us through our start up and continuing to manage OIF for 15+ years. AMS has been a true partner.”

— Vishnu Shukla, Principal Technologist, Verizon 

“I have been associated with AMS for more than 11 years in positions with Ameritech, AT&T, and in my present position with Intel Corporation. I have found AMS to be professional, thorough and timely in the management of DSL Forum aka Broadband Forum business. AMS has demonstrated exceptional day today performance and they are always ready to go “over and above” to address unexpected demands.

For example, in 2003 a natural disaster occurred just weeks before one of our quarterly meetings. The DSL Forum was scheduled to host a meeting in Prague, but a flood literally crippled the city and forced us to consider cancellation of our quarterly session. Within a week of the flood, AMS had taken all necessary steps to move the venue site from Prague to London. It was completed without disruption to dates, expenses or work flow. This AMS effort amazed the Board and it is still widely discussed as a high point in our history with AMS…a major crisis was averted by AMS competency and customer focused mindset.”

— Phil Skeba, Intel Corporation 

“The IETF has used AMS services in several ways: meeting planning and support, database management including our temporary and permanent document repositories, web site and a variety of supporting tools, and the editing and publication of our final documents, the RFC Series. The services we require have stretched AMS, leading them into businesses that I’m not sure we or they expected when we first met. What has struck me over and again has been how pleasant they are to work with, how competently they perform – even if it’s the first time they have done something – and how well the machinery underlying the IETF operates as a result.”

— Fred Baker, Cisco Fellow

“We felt that AMS offered the best solution for the IETF. AMS offered a strong combination of association management experience and opportunities for innovation. AMS provides a full suite of services to the IETF, which will help this international community do its important work more efficiently.”

— Russ Housley, IETF Chair (2007- 2013), IAB Chair, IETF

“The Broadband Forum has been with AMS since its launch, over 15 years ago. Their service has always been excellent, with strong processes and excellent IT support. And the staff and partners are always willing to go the extra mile with high quality customer service, accountability and professionalism. AMS has always acted like our partner rather than a vendor.”

— Robin Mersh, CEO, The Broadband Forum

“We were able to leverage AMS’ experience in starting up groups to get our own forum up and running quickly. AMS helped us navigate a minefield of government filings and regulations to establish our not for profit status and protect our members’ intellectual property. AMS has helped us recruit new members and given us a neutral industry presence leading to collaboration and innovation.”

— Andrew Malis, Distinguished Engineer, Huawei Technologies

“AMS has served the Gaming Standards Association since 2003. A great support team focused on GSA’s goals has been invaluable in guiding GSA and allowing us to focus on standards development rather than administration. AMS has been a key factor in our achieving success.”

— Adrian Marcu, Vice President, Global Technical Architecture, IGT 

“I’ve had many opportunities to work closely with AMS staff over the past decade, in a variety of MSF leadership roles. I have been consistently impressed with the professionalism, integrity, and contribution I have seen. AMS knows how to harness the initial enthusiasm, guide the formation of an efficient organization, and then work with a forum as it evolves. But what makes AMS really stand out is a consistent focus on the best interests of the Forum. AMS is not afraid to objectively support an assessment of strategic issues that can either lead to reinvention or to the closure of the forum. During my tenure on the MSF Board, and in particular as MSF President, I have consistently valued the support, guidance and insight I have received from AMS staff. I would unconditionally recommend AMS.”

— Jim McEachern, President, MSF Forum

“AMS’s support, detail management and leadership during the formation of our forum was exceptional.”

— David Price, Vice President, Ericsson.

“When the Founding Members created the Alliance, we evaluated association management services from several vendors.  AMS stood out as a team that was committed to the long run success of our organization.  They were flexible and understood that our goals and needs would evolve over time. They didn’t constrain us with a rigid engagement model. Instead, AMS worked with us as a collaborative partner. AMS provides exceptional support and has consistently demonstrated they are dedicated to the SVA’s success.”

–Alon Maor, CEO, Founder, Qwilt