Client Events



February 1:  McCarthy Symposium 2019 at NYU School of Law, New York
February 4-6:  LoRa Alliance Members Meeting, San Diego, CA
February 13:  MulteFire Works, Tokyo, Japan
February 18:  OIF Tucson Physical & Link Layer Working Group Interim Meeting – CEI-112G-VSR, Tucson, AZ
February 19-20:  OIF Q119 Technical and MA&E Committees Meeting, Tucson, AZ
February 20-21:  SVA Member Meeting, Burbank, California
February 24-27:  NDSS 2019, San Diego, CA
February 25-28:  MWC Barcelona 2019, Barcelona, Spain
February 26:  MulteFire Open Day at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain


March 18-21:  BBF Q1, Warsaw, Poland
March 20:  Seamless Air Alliance Members Meeting, Overland Park, KS
March 23-29:  IETF 104, Prague, Czech Republic
March 26-29:  MulteFire WG Meeting, Comarch (Krakow, Poland)


April 1-5:  Hannover Messe 2019, Hannover, Germany
April 2:  MulteFire Open Day at Hannover Messe, Hannover, Germany


May 13:  OIF Q219 Technical and MA&E Committees Meeting, Dubrovnik, Croatia
May 20 – 23: Connectivity Expo 2019, Orlando, FL


June 11: MulteFire Open Day Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
June 12-14: Interop Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
June 17-20:  BBF Q2, Seoul, Korea
June 11-13:  LoRa Alliance Annual Members Meeting, Berlin, Germany
June 11-14:  MulteFire WG Meeting, Tokyo, Japan
June 17-23: Paris Airshow, Paris, France


July 10-11: Seamless Air Alliance Members Meeting, London, England
July 11-12: Industry of Things World Asia 2019, Singapore
July 20-26:  IETF 105, Montreal, Canada
July 30-August 1:  OIF Q3 TC Meeting, Montreal, Canada


September 16-17:  Industry of Things World Berlin 2019, Berlin, Germany
September 2-5:  BBF Q3, Milan, Italy
September 17-20:  MulteFire WG Meeting, Shenzhen, China


October 22-24:  OIF Q4 TC meeting, Singapore
October 22-24:  MWC Los Angeles 2019, Los Angeles, CA
October 29-31:  IoT Solutions World Congress 2019, Barcelona, Spain


November 12-13: FTE Asia Expo, Singapore
November 16-22:  IETF 106, Singapore


December 2-5:  BBF Q4, Panama City, Panama
December 10-13:  MulteFire WG Meeting, Espoo, Finland