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January 5 - VR Industry Forum Formed to Boost Adoption of VR Services




December 7 - OIF Announces New Flex Ethernet Projects and Workshop



November 17 - OIF Announces Board Elections and New Project Starts

November 14 - Takes Center Stage as Broadband Forum Takes Part in ITU Telecom World 2016

November 3 - OIF Partners with UNH-IOL to Certify Optical Control Plane UNI



October 19 - Open Networking Foundation and ON.Lab to Merge to Accelerate Adoption of SDN

October 12 - Broadband Forum Focuses on the Business End of NFV at SDN World Congress



September 26 - OIF Launches Optical Projects to Enable Next Generation Modules

September 21 - Liberty Global and CableLabs Join MulteFire Alliance

September 14 - Streaming Video Alliance Expands Quarterly Member Meetings Beyond U.S., Hosts First Event in London

September 8 - OIF Announces Plans for SDN Transport API Interoperability Demonstration

September 6 - Ultra HD Forum Tops 55 Members, Makes Industry Guidelines Public, and Announces Plugfest #2 in Amsterdam

September 1 - AALTO University Joins the OpenFog Consortium



August 30 - Promise of Significant Revenue Growth for Operators as Broadband Forum Publishes First YANG Modules for FTTdp Management Software Specifications

August 30 - OIF Launches CEI-112G Project for 100G Serial Electrical Links

August 10 - Broadband Forum Brings NFV Home



July 28 - Broadband Forum and ON.Lab Collaborate on CORD

July 27 - Deutsche Telekom Calls on Broadband Forum Members to "Collaborate on 'True Convergence' of Mobile and Fixed Networks to Unlock Full Potential of 5G"

July 26 - OIF Starts Work on a Terabit-plus CFP8-ACO Module

July 26 - New GSA System-to-System Standard (S2S) and Simple System Interface (SSI) Specification Streamline Network Interfaces, Increase Efficiencies and Speed



June 28 - OIF Starts Work on CFP8-ACO and Completes Multi-Link Gearbox Agreement

June 20 - Gaming Regulators, Suppliers Reap Benefits of New GAT Standards from GSA

June 15 - Streaming Video Alliance Appoints Jason Thibeault as Executive Director

June 9 - MulteFire Alliance Announces Open Day and Technical Workshop in Beijing

June 2 - World's Leading Companies Shape the Future of Broadband Networks

June 1 - Player-to-System Interactions are now Streamlined with Common PUI Templates in Two Breakthrough New Standards from the GSA



May 18 - Gaming Just Got Easier with New G2S (Game-to-System) v3.0 Standard from GSA

May 12 - Streaming Video Alliance Releases Open Caching Functional Requirements and Streaming Quality of Experience Industry Guidelines



April 27 - Operators Outline Their Visions for the Next Generation Broadband Network at Unique Atlanta Event

April 26 - Gaming Development, Operation, Regulation Become More Streamline as GSA Releases 11 New Matured Standards

April 22 - OPC Foundation and OpenFog Consortium Agree to Collaborate on Technical Specifications Around Fog Computing in Industrial Automation

April 19 - GSA Introduces Forum for Operators' Business & Technical Challenges

April 19 - Softbank, Sercomm and Rohde & Schwarz Join the MulteFire Alliance

April 19 - Princeton University Contributes iSDX Code to Open Networking Foundation's

April 18 - Ultra HD Forum Releases First Industry Guidelines for Deploying End-to-End Live & Pre-Recorded UHD Services in 2016

April 12 - UHD Alliance announces Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player Certification

April 12 - GE Digital, IEEE and Schneider Electric Join OpenFog Consortium Board of Directors

April 7 - First In-Person Meeting of New Internet Engineering Steering Group and Internet Architecture Board Members

April 6 - ONF to Hold Second Annual AppFest for Application and OpenFlow Interoberability Testing at The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab



March 16 - GSA Announces 2016 Board of Directors, Board Members

March 15 - Wayne State University Joins OpenFog Consortium

March 11 - Toshiba Joins OpenFog Consortium to Help Enable Fog Computing

March 10 - OIF Completes FlexE IA for Data Center Interconnections

March 2 - OIF Unveils Interoperability Demo Plans



February 24 - GSU Joins the OpenFog Consortium to Help Enable For Computing and Security

February 22 - RTI Joins OpenFog Consortium as an Early Member to Accelerate Industrial IoT Adoption

February 18 - OIF Approves Pluggable Coherent Optics Module Implementation Agreement for Industry Use

February 18 - Streaming Video Alliance Heads to Yahoo for Quarterly Meeting; Seven Working Groups to Convene

February 16 - Open Networking Foundation Releases Second Version of Atrium Open SDN Software Distribution

February 11 - MulteFire Alliance to Showcase Momentum at Mobile World Congress

February 4 - PrismTech Joins the OpenFog Consortium to Help Enable Efficient Edge to Cloud Data Connectivity for the Internet of Things

February 4 - Gigabit Subscribers Projected to be At Least 100 Million by 2020



January 28 - GSA Shows Gaming Industry a Path Forward at ICE 2016

January 21 - OIF to Host Public Workshop on 100G Developments

January 12 - ITpreneurs and Open Networking Foundation Partner to Launch Entry-Level SDN Certification Testing

January 6 - Broadband Forum Chairman:  "Deploy G. Fast Right or Miss Out on Unique Opportunity to Bring Showcase Technologies at CEX to the Masses

January 4 - UHD Alliance Defines Premium Home Entertainment Experience