AMS Tools


Association Resources Online™ (ARO).
AMS’ ARO (Association Resources Online) system provides enterprise-grade collaborative and communications tools to forum leaders and members worldwide.

Serving over 35,000 users at present, ARO allows forum members to work together using a clean, intuitive web interface in the generation of forum work output. AMS has extensive expertise in both software engineering and solution hosting, with a dedicated team of IT professionals whose sole focus is ensuring the highest level of uptime possible, and the best client experience available anywhere.

Our SLA guarantees offer 99.99% uptime, and our constant goal is to exceed that level. Our systems are hosted at multiple and diverse facilities, with gigabit connectivity, automated and human monitoring, and comprehensive emergency backup resources. This helps to ensure continuous client presence on the Internet, and the safety of client services and data.

Our ARO system was developed by AMS directly, and continually evolves to meet the changing needs of our clients. Our programmers take client feedback and develop new ARO features and services in real time, deploying these upgrades directly as they are released, so that all of our clients benefit from the ongoing growth of the platform. We make over 100 changes to ARO each year, with the goal of continuous improvement, helping our clients stay active and relevant by providing them with the most powerful forum management system available today.