AMS Services


Membership Services

We maintain a database with member and prospect information, verify and approve membership applications and provide assistance in the development of recruitment and retention campaigns.


Our dedicated staff provides the “front” and “back” office, acting as the liaison to outside vendors and fulfilling requests for information about the client organization.

Financial Management

At AMS, we have a proven system to manage all of the financial records of our clients, spanning from budget creation, expenditure approval, full monthly financial reporting to the coordination of year-end audits.

Strategic Marketing and Planning

We give organizations a voice in the industry by assisting our clients in the development and execution of marketing, communications and strategic planning programs. We can create and update collateral, including brochures and other communications pieces. Strategic planning workshops are also available to our new and existing clients to make sure goals, messaging and action items address current membership needs.

Membership Recruitment

We work with our clients’ marketing committees and outside vendors, such as public relations firms, to build awareness for our clients and their activities. Our executive directors at AMS assist in the identification of key decision makers at prospective member companies and work with our marketing staff to develop compelling messaging to target those decision makers.

Meeting and Event Planning

We provide in-house staff that handles all planning, contract negotiation, logistical support and on-site management for trade shows, events, plugfests, board and committee meetings, as well as interoperability demonstrations.

Association Resources Online™ (ARO)

We do not believe in taking web applications built by third party developers and then trying to shoehorn them to meet our clients’ needs. AMS has developed a custom integrated solution specifically designed to meet the needs of technology groups. ARO supports standards development, balloting, member communications, calendaring and other collaborative tools that can significantly accelerate a forum’s progress. An internal AMS IT team is on hand to address any implementation or support issues a client might require.

Compliance and Certification Programs

We have worked with several organizations to set up and implement compliance programs to manage the proliferation of key technologies throughout the industry. We understand how such programs are an asset in the effort to ensure technical consistency and manage licensing in a dynamic marketplace. AMS has helped our clients develop all types of customized programs from self-compliance to third party contracts with test houses.

Legal Coordination

At AMS, we understand the fine balance of keeping associations compliant within the strict legal anti-trust and intellectual property guidelines. We pride ourselves on creating legally strong organizations without becoming too bureaucratic. We can manage the process for incorporation, tax-exemption, trademark and other filings, as well as the development of association bylaws.