AMS Tools


Technical Solutions (ARO)

Association Resources Online™ (ARO) is our in house Association Management System (AMS), which is an enterprise-grade, GDPR compliant, collaborative communications tool currently serving 35,000 users globally. 

With a clean, intuitive web interface, our clients can implement ARO to manage:

  • Email lists (including subscription management and mail archives)
  • Document posting and editing
  • Member collaboration
  • Task management 
  • Membership management and invoicing
  • Meeting registration
  • Meeting fee processing and invoice generation
  • Real-time meeting attendance reporting
  • Calendars
  • Polls and Surveys

ARO is an AMS solution that is fully customizable to meet the changing needs of our clients. With the goal of continuous improvement, we regularly implement updates to ensure our clients have the most powerful forum management system available today. AMS developed ARO to complement our management services and it’s included in our full service package fees.  

Our dedicated team of IT professionals are wholly focused to ensure the highest level of uptime possible, our SLA guarantees offer 99.99% uptime and our constant goal is to exceed that level. Our systems are hosted at multiple and diverse facilities with gigabit connectivity, automated and human monitoring and comprehensive emergency backup resources. This assures continuous client presence on the Internet and the safety of client services and data.